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Intro to practice. We also do Virtual sessions!

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Text the word "times" to 713-484-9797 for a list of appointment times available. We will reply as soon as we can. Provide best days & times if you like.



Text back your preferred time.

To hold this first appointment, a $100 session deposit is required. To use PayPal, click the link below, or Click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."  Zelle, Cashapp or Venmo is also

acceped to: 713-484-9797.

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2323 s. voss rd building1.jpg

Conveniently located

just north of Westheimer

on Voss Rd. 


2323 S. Voss Rd.​

Houston, TX 77057

Suite 125E

Bryan Blakeny, LCSW
Texas Board Licensed

Think of your favorite athlete or artist.

Even the best have someone guiding

or coaching them to greater success!

...Why not you?

Regardless of the cause of your distress, the emotions and processes are similar. You need assurance, clarity, and insights. You need your peace of mind and your confidence back so you can continue to be healthy, happy, and productive. Despite all the pain that brought you to this point, you will be amazed that the process and path to relief can actually be an enjoyable one. If I have the bounty of working with you, you will soon breathe a sigh of relief.
My name is Bryan Blakeny. In my 18 years experience I've had the bounty of counseling and coaching people of all ages, couples, young professionals, and parents. I am an expert in success coaching using emotional and spiritual intelligence- assisting people with common problems as well as personal growth, character development​, happiness, and couples' spirituality. I am also a certified Anger Resolution Therapist.
Research consistently shows that with training being equal, the connection with the therapist is what will make the difference in your treatment. In counseling, you have many options for therapists. Therefore, to make it easier to choose the right connection, I offer a free twenty minute consult upon request, as well as a Money-back guarantee for those committed to reaching higher.

                                                                  OUR MISSION


To uplift and empower you to discover your hidden ability to solve difficult problems, be emotionally savy, and inspire a new confidence to succeed in life, work, and relationships. This is my life's work and passion!

My practice has been featured on TLC's 'My 600 lb Life.'



​I Specialize in...

Couples issues

Premarital Counseling

Anger Management

Emotional Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence


I also Address...

Growth and Success
Emotional pain
Marital issues
Troubled teens
Obsessive thinking
Self Doubt / Depression
Weight management
Blended families



Peace of mind again  

The how of happiness
Your personal calling
More lasting fulfillment 
How to control the ego
What love really is
True success
And more...

​"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."

Who Can Benefit?


Young professionals, couples, and adolescents to live fully with purpose, competence, and peace of mind as they struggle to meet their expectations for life, career, and relationships.



What Do My Clients Say?



​​"I have been seeing therapists for years and you have helped me the most!"​



"Bryan has given me more inspiration, confidence, health and self-esteem.

 I thank him with all my heart!"                                                                                                                                                                                -Charles


Bryan is fantastic.... After the first meeting with him I knew I found what I was looking for in the type of counseling and coaching I was needing in my point of life.  If I say he changed my world for the best would be an understatement.

Thank you Bryan. 



“Thank you,,, Leaving your office, traffic was horrible... incredible, I was happy.

 Thank you, i'm looking forward to seeing you next week.” [Text]                    



​"Thanks to you Bryan, I have been out of the hospital for three years!"


See yourself and the world through new eyes!

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